How do I make my event ‘greener’?

Waterford will be Ireland’s first carbon neutral area and your festival or event should help contribute to the normalising of climate action in Waterford.

When organising an event, consideration should be given to protecting the environment before, during and after the event.  A comprehensive approach is required at the beginning of the planning process to consider what impact your event will have on the local environment and resources to reduce any potential negative consequences.

The Local Authority Prevention Network have developed a resource to help green your event, visit

In your funding application there is a section on Climate Action where you will be asked to consider how your event can make a positive move towards climate change so you will need to consider the below points.

Some ideas to green your festival could include:

  • Using recycled materials
  • Use local suppliers
  • Encourage all food and drinks companies at the event to use packaging that can be recycled and remember Waterford Council’s Single Use Plastic Policy
  • Encourage the use of compostable catering products
  • Provide sufficient segregated waste collection for traders and the public
  • Proving water refill stations see
  • Promote active travel for those attending your event
  • Consider how your event can be more energy efficient. If there is lighting will LED lighting be used, or can timers or sensors be used to reduce energy?
  • Will you be using mains or diesel generators? If you are using diesel generators, can you move towards mains electricity or can you use a hybrid/ bio diesel or solar generators?
  • Promote your event as a ‘green’ event and ask festival goers to aim for a zero impact from their visit.
  • Create a green festival legacy for your event by committing to the continuing greening of your event and by planting native trees locally to offset any emissions associated with the festival.

Are there local policies I need to comply with?

In 2020, Waterford City & County Council adopted a Single Use Plastics Policy. This policy requires events funded by Waterford City & County Council to eliminate single use plastics, segregate waste and dispose of it properly.  Compliance with this policy will be a criteria of funding and applicants such familiarise themselves with this policy.

How do I encourage Active Travel?

Active travel means making a journey by walking, cycling or other sustainable transport modes such as skateboards, roller skates and non-motorised scooters.

When planning your event, consider how accessible your event will be to those who wish to walk or cycle.

Also, promote public transport via your website and social media.